Welcome to the GAA

(Introduction session Mon 2nd November @ 8pm The Pavilion)


Keady Michael Dwyers is intending to very shortly deliver a series of training courses to introduce the GAA to the ever-growing ethnic minority community population both young and old in Keady, with a specific emphasis on females.

The first part of the programme will be aimed towards the Adult Ethnic Minority Community; this programme will last eight weeks; it will feature both practical & theory elements and will be overseen by the Club Coaching Development Officer. The course will involve a brief history to GAA, the Club, how the game is played, the rules and the benefits in terms of active participation in sport. A qualified tutor will deliver the course from Ulster Council GAA.

Upon conclusion, those adults who attended the programme will then be given the opportunity to take the GAA Foundation Course which will provide a recognised accredited coaching award and these individuals will be in a position to assist with training sessions and encourage people from migrant communities to participate in the GAA. Having introduced the adults to the GAA it will now be time to change the focus to the younger participants from the minority communities. The adults who have taken the course (described above) will be asked to assist and attend bespoke coaching sessions to help to specifically attract participation fro m the Ethnic Minority community.

It is expected that the involvement of minority coaches will demonstrate integration with the GAA and be an active part of its coaching structures; this will help the younger migrant population to feel part of the local community and fully participate in the GAA. The timescale involved will be in the region of 16 weeks. The main target with this group will be to increase participation in our games, while remembering at all times the FUN factor that the young people must enjoy. We intend to commence the project by Mid October 2015, and this should allow us to have the overall programme completed by February 2016. The course will use 3 venues. First, Keady Recreation Centre will be used for the fitness section of the programme. We will then move on to working with the ball and introducing game situations, for this our own Playing Pitches will be required. Finally, the theory part of the course will be held in the Keady Club Pavilion.